Fam Christmas Card webKevin Miller began his career as a professional photographer 6 years ago. Self-described as a “part time
photographer with a full time obsession”, Kevin’s work is primarily landscape and portrait focused.
Defining moments in Kevin’s photography career stemmed from major relocations to South Korea – a
new world unlike his previous life experiences and again to South Bend, Indiana – where he was far away
from family and friends. Kevin found inspiration in the new culture and new areas to explore and used
the camera to share his view of these experiences.

In describing his own work, Kevin is modest, deferring to great works of many other artists compared to
his own. His purpose, however, is to help others find inspiration and beauty in the images he creates. One
method he uses for this purpose is the HDR technique, as much of his portfolio demonstrates. Kevin has
also received several awards in the industry.

Kevin grew up in Spanish Fork, Utah and graduated from nearby Brigham Young University with a degree
in Information Systems. He currently lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland with his wife of 10 years, Becky and
their 20 month old daughter, Kyra. Also part of the family, and the star of many photographs, is their
five year old yellow lab, Riley.

(written by Sandi Heaney)